Emergency Planning: Recent events throughout the world remind us of our own vulnerability to natural disasters which seem to be hitting areas of the globe with more frequency and power today than ever before.  We review/re-write & create Business Continuity Plans, All Hazard Emergency Plans, conduct Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, Evacuation Plans (and training), ICS Training and facilitate plan exercises. 

Emergency Prevention & Mitigation

  • Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Analysis

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP’s)
  • Supporting current ER programs
    • ICS Position Training
    • EOC Position Training
  • Exercise Development, Facilitation, and Review
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Incident Management Systems

Emergency Response

  • Integrated Response (Site (Multi-jurisdictional), EOC, and Business)
  • EOC Support

Emergency Recovery

  • Interim Recovery
  • Recovery Plan Coaching
  • Business Continuity Integration
  • Lessons Learned and Gap Identification