Training for close to 20 years

Business Continuity Programs, Emergency Management Programs, Communicable Disease Planning, Fire Safety Programs, and Personal Safety

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the capability of a business, and/or organization to continue the delivery of products or services at acceptable levels during and following an incident causing disruptions to the business.

Emergency Planning

We review/re-write & create Business Continuity Plans, All Hazard Emergency Plans, conduct Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, Evacuation Plans (and training), ICS Training and facilitate plan exercises.

Communicable Disease Planning (Business)

Setting appropriate staffing levels
Business interruptions
Supply chain management
Business recovery

Fire Safety

We provide Fire Safety planning and prevention services specifically designed for your facility and staff. 

Management of Aggressive Behaviour Training

JEL Protection Ltd. provides certified training in Management of Aggressive Behaviour Training or MOAB®